The Signs and their Rooms

Aries: Messy, messy, messy. 'The chair' (you know which chair I'm talking about) has probably disappeared among all their clothes. Theory is that it probably fused to the ground.
Taurus: They have an ingrained connection with every single one of their posessions. They know you moved that sock 0.2 meters to the left don't deny it.
Gemini: Where's the floor? No one knows anymore. When they magically decide to clean up, it's like christmas morning when they find something they don't even remember having. Then, they get distracted by said thing and forget about cleaning up.
Cancer: Their room is their sanctuary. Probably going through an ant invasion because of all the food they eat there. Most likely to have a secret food stash.
Leo: Usually organized, though they can be lazy. They probably don't move enough to have a mess.
Virgo: Same as Taurus. Like the Eye of Sauron, they know everything that goes down there.They go into phases in which everything is probably color coded. They get lazy and give up a few weeks later when no one notices.
Libra: Probably unlivable until they decide Today is the Day and organize everything. They get bored halfway through and go back to feeling sorry for themselves because their rooms aren't pretty.
Scorpio: The walls are full with their interests. The mess control is manageable. Once you go in, it might be too dark to find your way out.
Sagittarius: Doesn't care at all about mess. Until they see someone else's clean room and their competitive gene appears. Soon it dies down and they go back to not caring.
Capricorn: Puts everyone else's to shame. Mostly, because like Leo, they are not naturally messy. Can be OCD about their space.
Aquarius: Their interests are also everywhere. They sleep next to their laptop. Their desk is no man's land.
Pisces: Clutter is their natural habitat. They probably don't remember the last time they turned on the lights. The windows have never been opened. An excavation team is needed to find the floor. Until people come over, then it's DEFCON 4 and everything is either organized or hidden.



Loiter Squad- Storage War$

Wait until the end

Gangsta Gibbs

The Dapper Rebels of Los Angeles, originally published in LIFE magazine, July 15, 1966.


Why am I laughing so hard


Why am I laughing so hard

New Macross Anime Annouced




The official website for the Macross franchise unveiled a new TV anime project tentatively titled Macross Delta (Delta written as Δ) on Sunday.

The project will scout a new singing voice to provide the vocals for a character in the anime with an audition, which can be applied to beginning on December 1. More information about the audition will be unveiled in November. The website features the quote, “The new singing diva who can sway the galaxy of 2067 is you!”

The last television anime in the Macross franchise was Macross Frontier in 2007. The television anime was followed by two feature films. Megumi Nakajima debuted as a voice actress and vocalist after winning the audition to provide the voice for Macross Frontier heroine Ranka Lee.

Source : ANN

Posting this again just in case anyone missed the exciting news over the weekend! Probably within a year or so we’ll all be obsessing over a brand new series pushing the Macross timeline forward again.






Gamer gate has been trying to use Bayonetta as a rallying point, and criticism of it as proof of a “feminist agenda” in reviews

They’ve been trying to get Hideki Kamiya, creator of Bayonetta, to support them

Well, he tweeted this today.





the salt is so fucking real




Made some more stickers to put around campus and Santa Fe


Fun Fact: Maining a character in a fighting game is a stronger bond than waifuhood and automatically makes them your double waifu.

Real true facts though